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A boutique translation studio run by real translators to help real people

In times when mechanization seems to be taking control, we focus on the quality, expertise, and passion of the people behind the millenary art of translation.

We know that when a message is clear it is easier to connect with those who share our values and believe in the causes that move us.

That is why we want to help you build a bridge between languages and cultures so that you can reach new destinies with what you have to say.

Ikus is a team of professional, qualified, and experienced translators committed to bringing customized solutions to your unique English-Spanish communication needs.

Our services


translation and localization
edition and proofreading


transcription and subtitling


Hi there! Let’s make a difference together.


Are you a global NGO looking to enhance your visibility? An academic institution with urgent communication needs? A dedicated medical professional eager to share your findings with your community?

We believe that every single action can make a difference. We witness people all around us transforming their lives and others’ positively every day.

There is a lot of us out there: people ready to make their mark in the world in one way or another.

At Ikus, our goal is to make that mark even larger by bringing your message across borders and taking it further than you ever imagined.

So whether you need a translation for your brochures or press releases, a bilingual version of your education program, or your scientific paper edited, we are here for you!

Work with us and let’s make a difference that will leave a lasting, positive impact on the world.

We specialize in


science and healthcare
education and academic
gender equality


international development
energy and environment
sustainability and social impact


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