For centuries, the task of translation has remained unseen.

Thousands of nameless translators have put in knowledge, effort and time to convey meanings from one language to another. Most of the time, without getting any recognition.

Artificial intelligence in the 21st century invites us to rise to the challenge once again: translators become an invisible being left behind by modern machines that are able to render a message between languages in a matter of seconds.

Wonderful as they might seem, we firmly believe that computers will never understand human subjectivities, experiences and emotions.

And that’s what we aim for.

We’re professional translators, passionate about language, determined to deliver an excelent service and eager to participate in conscious and meaningful projects.

We offer practical solutions, with high quality standards, professionalism and confidentiality, always at competitive rates.

We’re here to suit your needs and help you deliver your message as far as you ever imagined.

Why choose us?


As a small boutique studio, we are fast-paced and flexible enough to even become an extension of your team. We offer quick solutions to your needs, without any of the bureaucracy of large firms.


Unlike large agencies, at Ikus we do not try to meet every need. This means we offer true expertise. As a boutique firm we know our target language, culture and industry inside and out.


At Ikus we always go the extra mile to make sure you receive your translation in a timely manner, thanks to our well-organised translation process and excellent project management strategies.


Your satisfaction is our utmost goal and we believe there is no better way to achieve this than by delivering top-quality translations every single day, no exceptions made.


Even though we offer an exclusive tailor-made experience, our prices don’t show it. Due to our low overheads and innovative working practices, we can keep our costs low for you.


At Ikus you are not a number on a spreadsheet and you won’t receive a formulaic service from us. We take the time to get to know your goals and shape the experience around you.


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