We offer you a full range of English-Spanish linguistic services adapted to your personal needs:


translation and localization

At Ikus we ensure that your message truly speaks the language of your chosen Spanish-speaking audience and is perfectly tailored to cultural standards and norms.

Offering true expertise in a variety of sectors, our team delivers exceptional results in a timely manner and within budget every single time.

Our seamless translation process and our innovative project management strategies allow us to work in a quick manner while staying flexible to any unexpected changes.


edition and proofreading

An essential part of our translation process, we also offer editing and proofreading as a separate service.

An extra pair of highly trained eyes can prove essential in adapting your message to your target audience, achieving grammatical and syntactic perfection and truly conveying the meaning of the original text.

Our thorough processes make sure all our deliveries are flawless and up to the highest quality standards.



We provide English-Spanish language interpretation services adapted to your needs and requirements.

Whether at a large conference, a medium-sized colloquium or a small business meeting, our highly-trained and specialized team offers consecutive and simultaneous interpreting in a wide variety of subjects.

We select only the best-suited professionals for each event to help you understand and be understood in a multilingual environment.


transcription and subtitling

We can transcribe your videos and audio to text in a fast and easy manner, including notes of who is speaking and of any other significant sounds used in the original files.

In the case of video, this is also the first step for creating subtitles, which can be translated, time-stamped and embedded in the final product.

Whatever the subject or length, our team is ready to handle any project, regardless of scope or complexity.



At Ikus we understand that communication is often as much about meaning as it is about impact.

That is why when it comes to your marketing and publishing needs we are all about coming up with creative solutions that speak to your Spanish-speaking audience loud and clear.

Our talented team is highly trained to convey culturally-relevant messages that engage, create trust and convert your leads into clients.



Are you looking to attract your readers and turn them into loyal customers? Then trust us with all your copywriting needs!

Whether you need new material for your website, blog or social media, at Ikus we offer you customized solutions via beautifully-written content 100% tailored to your ideal audience.

Thanks to a deep understanding of search patterns, SEO strategies and customer experience trends, we will deliver genuine and effective copy every time.


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